Thursday, 15 March 2012

Announcement time

Well hello all you lovely patient peeps, sorry for abandoning you all, I have been naughty and not shared my creative en devours, but there is a reason for it, pop over to my Magpie and Thimble blog to share my good news.

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sewing time

I have been a busy girl, I am having a sewing frenzy!! my local market has a FAB! selection of fabrics priced at either £1 or £2 a metre. I know what you are thinking, there must be a catch right? well you are right, most of the selection are pre cut to 5mtr lengths and you have to buy the whole piece, but i'm not complaining, the fabrics are all of a very good quality and sew up a treat, on that note have a look at some of my makes....

This is my version of the Wiksten tulip skirt, I wasn't able to get hold of a copy of the Stitch magazine the pattern was in, so I had to guess. I'm pretty happy with the results.

I did contemplate making a dress with this Prince of Wales Check, but thought a skirt would be a better option, after I made the skirt I found the thrifted belt in my work shop, works a treat don't you think?

Yes I have jumped on the Simplicity 3835 craze and I'm glad I did a very comfy and easy dress to wear. I found the pattern ( like most of the ones I own) in the 40p discontinued bin in my local haberdashery store. I did a little modification on the pockets, I added a flap and fabric covered buttons in a tiny floral fabric, the main fabric a lovely grey plaid and was a freebie from a lovely lady at a car boot, well I did spend £9 on her stall for approx 20 mtrs of assorted linens and cottons.

My second attempt at the same dress, this time in a denim/chambray cotton, I decided to use contrasting red top stitching to match the red in the tartan covered buttons, the pockets are also lined in the tartan. Check out my hooped leggings, my very first home sewn pair, dead easy to make, jersey/lycra will not be safe around me again.

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fabric fun!!!!

My colleague Sally and I had a new toy essential piece of studio equipment to play experiment with. A heat transfer press, wow! i'm very impressed. The fabric sample above with made by painting with  transfer red paint onto  a patterned paper bag. 

 This time I first transferred the design from another patterned bag then overprinted with the squiggles and hoops I hand painted onto printer paper.
 The thing about transfer paints they look so dull when you paint them onto the paper, it is quite a random process until you get to know the colours, I was pleasantly surprised how well my crazy brush marks transferred.
 I managed to get a second print, which I overprinted with another paper bag.

 Close up
 I raided the car park for leaves to use as a mask, I placed them down onto the painted paper,placed my fabric on top and pressed, after removing the leaves I was left with this.
As the leaves took on the paint, I placed them down onto the paper again, ink side up and pressed again. I like this, alot!

We had such fun and could have spent hours playing making essential samples, I think I may have to pop in during the Autumn break and make sure the press is working properly.
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Monday, 18 October 2010

I just luuuuurve vintage

Whilst out looking for an old tweed jacket and thick woolen jumper ( essential allotment attire) I came across these little beauties. Not quite sure what the cat with the pot is used for, perhaps cocktail sticks for your Christmas buffet pineapple,cheese and onion canapes? 

How cute are these? Unfortunately the bears are missing from the bottom box, never mind more clothes for the kitties, check out the red checked bedding. I will be selling all these (perhaps not the picture)  goodies on my new etsy shop Magpie Bazaar, well, just as soon as talktalk sorts out my email that is. 
If you love vintage, retro,kitsch, textiles,linens,books,kitchenalia, well just about anything with character, pop on over. I will keep you updated when the shop opens and when new stock arrives.

Just wanted to leave you with pics of my fav summer dress destined for winter storage. I was surprised with how flattering it looks on, even with my generous hips, lol. And would you believe the fabric was a snip at £1 a yard, as I had to buy the whole 6 yards I have enough for a skirt, yay!
Flattering pleating & cute buttons

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Play time

A few months ago at work my colleague Sally ran a little workshop on stump dolls. We had a FAB time creating our dolls with fabric offcuts, beads, trinkets and trimming, I wanted to share my colourful creation, 'Frida'. She was great fun to make and I went a bit wild with the addition of hooks for hands.


Thursday, 15 July 2010


Yay! I have finally got my life back and now able to initiate my own projects rather than work to a scripted criteria. The pass 9 months have been hectic, mentally draining, educational but most of all FUN!! My last module was handed in for marking and now I'm nervously waiting for my results.
I have loads of stuff to show and tell, but first of all I will show you all what I have been up to.

I'll start off with my second Artist book, Nature against Structure, a theme I had to select myself. This is the slipcase, covered in a vintage map and a small watercolour and line drawing.
The book is an Interlocking accordion fold with additional pop-up in each fold. The front and back covers have been covered in one of my lino prints from my printmaking module.

The open book, I scanned and re sized the butterflies from one of my prints and pasted them on the folds and behind some of the pop-ups.

Close up, as you can see I created a watercolour and line drawing for the background.

This book is actually a sample book and case I made for my portfolio, I was a tad indecisive about which format would work best for my theme so I made mock-ups. This is the cover for a simple accordion fold book.

Cover off.

Open for viewing, the artwork is used for this little book (approx 4 x 3" closed) are torn remnants from one of my lino print samples.

Sample book 2, another tiny book, this cover folds in on itself like an unglued envelope.

The front cover, the lilac paper is my home marbled paper.

Open, there you have a carousel book it consists of three layers, close up it looks like a theatre set .

Sample book three, closed.

Opens out into a tunnel book.

My lino print exhibition prints, the are a set and represent 'Butterflies of the British isles'.
I didn't want to produce simple lino prints, so I created these mixed media pieces.

Hope I haven't bored you all too much, I'm just soooo! excited at the prospect of using the new skills I have learned and incorporating them into my own work., so I'd better get going.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ahhh! Ha!

It's me, I'm back from the brink of madness. Sometimes I could kick myself for taking on too much. In Sept I decided to book onto a City and Guild Level 3 Creative Sketchbooks and printmaking course, It'll be great I thought, lots of lovely gluing and sticking, making pretty books, oodles of inking and printing playing with colours and gorgeous papers, time for me, out of the house and away form the boys, right? Oh my giddy aunt, yep, it is all those things but it is also rakes of notations and evaluations, late nights, memory lapses, lack of social life, the list is endless. But after all that it is worth it, I'm having a whale of a time, gluing and sticking etc........ My first modules are now up for IV-ing, wish me luck.
Other than the course I have been a mad demon on the sewing machine making home accessories for my stockist Beehive.

Bed pillow or large cushion

Howie Owlies


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